Getting To Gili Air 

From Lombok

Airport Transfer

We´ve got you covered!

From Lombok Airport (LOP) directly to Taman Senang

If you are looking for the most convenient way to get from Lombok International Airport to Gili Air, our transfer service is your ideal choice. We provide a comfortable and stress-free transport experience for passengers arriving at the airport. With our private car, driver, speed boat, and horse cart service all included in the price, you can rest. Let us help make your journey a stress-free one! Contact us today to book your transfer from Lombok International Airport to Gili Air. We look forward to assisting you soon! 

For complete peace of mind we’ll take care of everything!

The service includes: 

Private Car with Driver

from the airport to Teluk Nara harbour

Private Speed Boat

from Teluk Nara to Gili Air

Horse Carriage (Cidomo)

from the harbour to Taman Senang

What else you should know:

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Land Transport


In most major places you can easily book a taxi using an app or ask your accommodation for help. You often see the eye-catching Bluebird taxis on the side of the road and you can just wave them over. 

Blue Bird Group:

Private Car with Driver

The price for a private car depends on your destination. Please contact us for more information. 


Damri is a public bus service. It operates routes between Bangsal - Sembalun, Bangsal - Lombok Airport etc. The tickets can be booked through DAMRI's app.

Shuttle Bus

Routes offered by tour operators are called shuttle buses. There is a fixed departure time and a fixed route. You share a boat and car with fellow travelers. This is a cheap option for single travelers, but a taxi can be cheaper for 2 or more people.

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Main harbors at Lombok to cross to Gili Air


The main harbor to Gili Air is Bangsal. It is located on the west north side of Lombok. This is the harbor where public transport departs. You have the option to join a public speed or slow boat. But you can also charter a private boat for fixed price. 

Teluk Nara/Teluk Kodek

Teluk Nare and Teluk Kodek, which are only a few meters away, are the main ports for private speed boats or private boat charters. You can book your boat in advance or negotiate the price on the spot with one of the boat captains. The price for a speed boat charter starts at around 400,000 IDR/boat. We recommend booking your boat in advance. We are happy to arrange it for you, just contact us. 

Sengiggi Beach

Some private boats offer a crossing between Sengiggi beach and Gili Air. However, it is mostly cheaper and more comfortable to use a taxi and cross from Bangsal or Teluk Nara. 

Ombak Ble

This is the main harbor to transport building materials. However, in bad weather conditions, the public boat will cross to this harbor instead of Bangsal as this is the shortest boat connection. There is no public road to this harbor! 

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